Tomas Stanton: A Poet, Teaching Artist, and Advocate for Youth Empowerment

Tomas Stanton is a multifaceted individual who has made a profound impact through his artistry, teaching, and community activism. As a poet, writer, and teaching artist, he has dedicated himself to advancing the arts of spoken word and Hip Hop, using them as transformative platforms for youth development and civic engagement.

Throughout his journey, Tomas co-founded Phonetic Spit, an esteemed youth spoken word ensemble in Phoenix. Through the power of hip-hop pedagogy, he fearlessly inspires young individuals to express themselves boldly through poetry, dance, and theater. His teaching style draws from personal experiences of growing up in a single-parent household amidst poverty, navigating political issues, exploring personal identity, and understanding the profound essence of love.

With over a decade of experience in youth development, Tomas actively creates safe spaces across the Phoenix valley. His passion lies in nurturing young voices through the art of spoken word. By providing a supportive environment, he encourages them to fearlessly explore their creativity, offering solace, self-discovery, and a sense of belonging.

Tomas’s influence goes beyond artistic expression. He firmly believes that creative outlets can be powerful catalysts for positive change. Through his guidance, youth gain the confidence to delve into their emotions, experiences, and aspirations, empowering them to address social issues that impact their lives directly.

As a poet, teaching artist, and community activist, Tomas’s impact is immeasurable. He has dedicated himself to fostering trust, respect, and inclusivity within his teaching, enabling young minds to discover their authentic voices and embrace their unique perspectives.

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