What is AZPoetry.com?

Arizona Poetry helps promote poetry in the state of Arizona.

Established in 2020, this organization’s mission is to document a history of poets, provide a directory of poets to discover, promote poetic events, and facilitate an annual collection of the best poets in the state of Arizona.

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In the summer of 2020, five top-ranked poets work together to develop poetry that will be performed as a cohesive group. These poets are Miss Anthropy, Civil, Mr. Larry Moore, Kaiti Pritchett and PS Froberger under the direction of Aaron Hopkins-Johnson. Our team is preparing for competition in two regional tournaments and an international championship. This requires hours of writing, practice, rehearsals, team-building, and fundraising to achieve. Every dollar contributed not only allows these artists to showcase their work, but liberates creativity by allowing more time for the artists to focus of unity, exploration of ideas, and perfection of craft.

What Do I Get?

As a Patreon contributor to AZPoetry.com, you will receive updates on the team’s progress and growth through access to ebooks, online poetry, chapbooks, video of performances and invites to performances.