jack evans arizona poetry

Jack Evans

jack evans arizona poetry

Jack Evans: Illuminating Lives Through Poetry

Rain is the Hourglass of Memory by Jack Evans

Born on the banks of the Hudson River during the twilight years of the reign of Roosevelt II, Jack Evans embodies a poetic spirit that has flourished across generations. His journey led him to a humble abode overlooking the dusty Agua Fria, a place where the land was shaped under the watchful eye of Lesley King.

Immersed in the vast realm of artistic expression, Jack finds solace and inspiration in music of all genres and films from far-reaching corners of the world. He holds a deep reverence for the timeless game of baseball and the transformative power of books, which have shaped his worldview and ignited his poetic fire.

Poetry courses through Jack’s veins, weaving its way into every facet of his existence. As a poet, he gracefully pens verses that resonate with the human experience, effortlessly capturing the essence of emotions and thoughts. His works have graced the pages of numerous esteemed publications, and his voice has echoed within venues across Arizona and beyond since the 1970s, leaving audiences captivated and moved.

Throughout his artistic journey, Jack has not only embraced the role of a poet but also taken on the mantle of a director. Over the past three decades, he has curated and guided spoken word series, infusing them with his unique vision and passion. Currently, he serves as the co-director of the esteemed Caffeine Corridor series, breathing life into the downtown Phoenix arts scene.

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of his life, Jack finds solace in the city he calls home, alongside his beloved wife Judy. Within the walls of their abode, his creative spirit thrives alongside the company of a faithful dog, a wise cat, four colorful parakeets, and the ever-present companionship of a trusty laptop.