The Klute

The Klute: Unleashing the Power of Words for Sharks and Humanity

Chumming The Waters by Arizona Poetry The Klute Bernard Schober
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Born along the captivating shores of Palm Beach, Florida, The Klute emerged with a deep affinity for the enigmatic creatures that dwell beneath the ocean’s surface. Nurturing a profound love for sharks, he became an advocate for their preservation, employing the medium of spoken word to raise awareness and champion their cause. From the majestic great whites of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, to the graceful reef sharks of Egypt’s Red Sea coast, he has traversed the waves alongside these magnificent beings.

A poet of extraordinary talent, The Klute has represented the cities of Mesa, Phoenix, and Sedona at the National Poetry Slam a remarkable 10 times between 2002 and 2014. His poetic prowess has graced legendary venues such as Vancouver’s Cafe Deux Soliels and New York City’s Bowery Poetry Cafe, while also sharing stages with renowned spoken word superstars like Saul Williams and Amber Tamblyn.

In 2014, Brick Cave Media published a collection of his chapbooks titled “Klutocrypha, Vol.1,” showcasing the depth and brilliance of his poetic voice. His poems have been featured in anthologies published by Sergeant Press, Write Bloody, and Four Chambers Press, establishing him as a respected literary presence. In 2016, he embarked on a nationwide tour in support of his chapbook “Chumming the Waters,” followed by the release of his full volume of work titled “Words with the Men in Grey Suits” in 2017. Both works serve as a testament to his commitment to sharks, with all profits donated to Fins Attached, a shark conservation organization based in Colorado Springs.

The Klute’s unique blend of political commentary, sharp wit, and captivating delivery has garnered acclaim from fellow artists and critics alike. Jesse Parent, a prominent YouTube sensation from Salt Lake City, lauds The Klute’s ability to deliver honest and profound observations on the political landscape while maintaining an engaging and humorous style. Meanwhile, Ed Mabrey, a TedX Speaker and Emmy Award Winner, places The Klute among the pantheon of great political satirists, recognizing his insightful and impactful contributions.

Throughout his poetic journey, The Klute has amassed a collection of accolades, including being crowned the 2005 Mesa Poetry Slam Grand Slam Champion and achieving the status of Semi-Finalist at multiple National Poetry Slam competitions. His unwavering dedication to the craft has earned him the admiration and respect of his peers.