Sarge Lintecum

Introducing Sarge Lintecum: a remarkable individual whose journey from the battlefields of Vietnam to the stages of blues clubs and concert venues is nothing short of extraordinary. Sarge, a highly decorated combat veteran with three tours in Vietnam, discovered solace in writing about the unspoken traumas of war after two decades of living in near-seclusion. His writings evolved into soulful blues songs, accompanied by his mastery of the harmonica and the twelve-bar blues.

Vietnam Blues-Combat Tested Blues for Peace
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Sarge embarked on a musical odyssey, gracing open mic blues clubs with his poignant performances, unaware that this was the inception of a career that would span over three decades. Sponsored by Lee Oskar Harmonicas, he became a nationally acclaimed blues singer, songwriter, poet, and harmonica virtuoso.

Throughout his extensive career, Sarge has captivated audiences across the nation, performing at diverse venues, including schools, colleges, and universities. His Vietnam Blues Show, featuring music from his acclaimed recordings, is a powerful testament to his unique blend of musical prowess, storytelling, and heartfelt poetry. Sarge Lintecum continues to be a living testament to the healing power of music and the arts in overcoming the scars of war.