Robert FlipSide Daniels

Robert ‘FlipSide’ Daniels: A Multifaceted Artistic Journey

Meet Robert Daniels, a multifaceted artist known professionally as FlipSide. Throughout his career, he has donned the roles of a journalist, a playwright, a poet, and an author. Hailing from Southern California, Daniels’s artistic journey is marked by diverse experiences and a relentless pursuit of creative expression.

Early Beginnings and a Passion for Music

Daniels’s artistic journey commenced at the tender age of 16 when he co-founded a local music magazine, dipping his toes into the world of public relations and journalism. It was the spark that ignited his passion for writing and storytelling.

Educational Pursuits and Academic Achievement

In pursuit of higher educational goals, Daniels left California and ventured to the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. There, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery and academic growth. He returned to California, armed with knowledge and degrees in Business Administration and Finance, acquired from Chaffey College. These academic achievements laid the foundation for his diverse career.

Teacher, Writer, Reporter

Daniels’s career trajectory took an intriguing turn when he ventured into teaching. Over a span of six years, he donned the role of an educator, teaching language arts and an early reading program at a K-6 school, and math at a middle school in San Bernardino. Simultaneously, he worked as a sports reporter for a local newspaper, demonstrating his ability to balance two distinct worlds.

Editor-in-Chief and Author

In 1999, Daniels embarked on a new chapter as the Editor-in-Chief of People’s Underground Beat (PUB) Magazine, an underground music publication based in Phoenix, Arizona. During his tenure at PUB, Daniels authored and published his first book, “Say Something… Or not … Whatever.” This period marked a significant step in his journey as a writer and editor.

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BlackPoet Ventures: A Creative Powerhouse

In 2005, Daniels joined the league of creative minds as one of the six co-founders of BlackPoet Ventures (BPV), a multimedia theatre company specializing in crafting plays infused with poetry and music. As the Director of Finance, he assumed a pivotal role in ensuring the economic well-being of the company. Over the next decade, BPV flourished as an influential arts organization, raising substantial grants and revenue, while involving more than 250 performers in twelve years of dynamic performances across multiple states.

A Writer and Web Transition Expert

Simultaneously, Daniels continued to lend his writing prowess to various publications. He joined the production team of the largest Black-owned newspaper in Arizona, contributing significantly to their transition from print to the digital realm. His work helped bridge the gap between traditional journalism and the evolving landscape of online media.

A Return to Education

In 2019, Daniels’s passion for education resurfaced. He became a teaching artist for a Mesa, Arizona-based company, taking on a leadership role in the East Valley. His responsibilities included overseeing five high schools and one junior high school in the Mesa School district, the largest public school district in Arizona, serving over 64,000 students.

The Next Chapter: Crystal Clear Next Level Enterprises

In 2021, Daniels embarked on a new chapter, joining his family’s business venture, Crystal Clear Next Level Enterprises, situated in Forney, Texas. This family endeavor focuses on trucking and logistics, marking a transition from the world of education and the arts to the realm of entrepreneurship.

Eager for Artistic Exploration

As he establishes himself in the vibrant state of Texas, Daniels is eager to explore new avenues for his artistry. His journey is a testament to the power of creativity and adaptability. With a background that spans teaching, journalism, writing, and entrepreneurship, Robert ‘FlipSide’ Daniels’s artistic voyage continues to evolve, promising new chapters filled with creativity and innovation.