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Cylie Naylor: Voice of the Ghost Poetry Show

Early Life and Inspiration

Cylie Naylor emerged as a significant figure in the poetry community of Phoenix, Arizona, establishing herself as both a powerful writer and a compelling performer. From her earliest days, Naylor was drawn to the written word, finding solace and expression through poetry. Her journey into the world of performance poetry began in earnest in 2018 at the Phoenix Poetry Slam events held at The Lost Leaf and Lawn Gnome Publishing poetry slams. These venues became the crucibles in which she honed her craft, transforming from an aspiring poet into a formidable voice in the local literary scene.

Introduction to the Ghost Poetry Show

The Ghost Poetry Show is a unique community of poets and writers based in the greater Phoenix area. It brings together a diverse group of individuals, each united by their passion for poetry and the spoken word. The show fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where poets of all levels—from novices to those who have competed on national stages—can share their work. This inclusivity, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or age, is a hallmark of the Ghost Poetry Show, making it a beacon of creative freedom and expression.

Cylie Naylor quickly became a prominent figure within this community. Her dedication to the craft of poetry and her willingness to mentor others has made her a respected leader. Naylor’s involvement with the Ghost Poetry Show began shortly after she started performing at local slams, and she has since become one of its most passionate advocates and organizers.

Rise in the Phoenix Poetry Scene

Naylor’s initial foray into the Phoenix poetry scene was marked by her performances at the Phoenix Poetry Slam at The Lost Leaf and Lawn Gnome Publishing poetry slams. These platforms provided her with the opportunity to refine her performance skills and connect with a broader audience. Her work, characterized by its raw emotional honesty and lyrical beauty, quickly gained attention.

The supportive environment of these slams allowed Naylor to experiment with her style and themes. She explored topics ranging from personal identity and love to social justice and existential musings. Her poetry, often described as “hauntingly beautiful,” resonated with audiences and established her as a distinctive voice in the local poetry community.

Ghost Poetry Show: A Platform for All Voices

The Ghost Poetry Show distinguishes itself by its commitment to inclusivity and community. It offers a space where poets of all backgrounds can come together, share their work, and find their voice. The show’s format includes writing prompt nights and three-round poetry slams, catering to both seasoned poets and newcomers.

Cylie Naylor’s role in the Ghost Poetry Show has been instrumental in fostering this inclusive environment. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that the show remains accessible to all, providing mentorship and support to new poets while also challenging and inspiring more experienced performers. Her leadership has helped to create a vibrant and dynamic community where every voice is valued and celebrated.

Achievements and Accolades

Throughout her career, Naylor has garnered numerous accolades for her poetry and performances. She has competed in various poetry slams and has been recognized for her powerful delivery and evocative writing. Her achievements have not only brought her personal recognition but have also elevated the profile of the Ghost Poetry Show.

Naylor’s poetry has been featured in several local and national publications, and she has been invited to perform at numerous literary events and festivals. Her work continues to inspire and resonate with audiences, reflecting her deep commitment to the art of poetry.

Impact on the Community

Beyond her personal achievements, Cylie Naylor’s impact on the poetry community in Phoenix and beyond is profound. Her involvement with the Ghost Poetry Show has helped to cultivate a supportive and nurturing environment for poets of all levels. She has mentored countless individuals, helping them to find their voice and gain confidence in their work.

Naylor’s dedication to inclusivity and community-building has made the Ghost Poetry Show a model for other poetry organizations. Her efforts have ensured that the show remains a welcoming space for all, regardless of their background or experience level. This commitment to inclusivity has not only enriched the local poetry scene but has also created a sense of belonging and empowerment for many poets.

The Future of Ghost Poetry Show

Looking ahead, Cylie Naylor envisions the Ghost Poetry Show continuing to grow and evolve. She aims to expand its reach, bringing the unique spirit of the show to a broader audience. Plans for future events include more collaborations with local artists and writers, as well as increased opportunities for poets to share their work on larger platforms.

Naylor is also committed to continuing her own creative journey. She plans to publish a collection of her poetry, capturing the essence of her work and sharing it with a wider audience. This collection will not only showcase her talent but also serve as a testament to the power of the Ghost Poetry Show and its impact on the poetry community.


Cylie Naylor’s journey as a poet and performer is a testament to the transformative power of poetry and community. Through her involvement with the Ghost Poetry Show, she has helped to create a space where poets of all backgrounds can come together, share their work, and find their voice. Her dedication to inclusivity and mentorship has made a lasting impact on the poetry community in Phoenix and beyond.

As the Ghost Poetry Show continues to grow, Naylor’s vision and leadership will undoubtedly guide it to new heights. Her commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic environment for poets will ensure that the show remains a beacon of creative freedom and expression. In a world where many voices struggle to be heard, the Ghost Poetry Show, with Cylie Naylor at its heart, stands as a powerful testament to the enduring power of poetry.

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